Orlando, Florida, Tuesday, January 19, 2016 – The Orlando Title Group is founded by The Orlando Law Group’s (OLG) Jennifer Englert and Kimberly Hosley Agee.

The Orlando Title Group will draw on the real estate experience of attorneys Englert and Hosley Agee to provide a new service to clients. The company will focus on providing title searches, reviewing surveys, verifing that the taxes on the property have been paid, providing title insurance, working with the mortgage lenders and filing paperwork with the County Recorder’s office after closing. They will also hold funds in escrow to be distributed to the proper parties at closing.

“We are very excited about the launch of this new company,” explained Orlando Title Group co-founder Jennifer Englert. “This new company made sense for us as a way to expand our client services in the Real Estate industry. In addition, the fact that we are attorneys will give us a leg-up since our experience allows us to look at the big picture for our clients.”

They are located at 12301 Lake Underhill Road, which is conveniently situated near the 408 and 417.

“The Orlando Title Group allows us to continue to better serve real estate clients in the Central Florida area,” said Kimberly Hosley Agee, co-founder of the Orlando Title Group. “We are thrilled to be part of the process in helping people with one of the largest purchases they will make, a new home.”

To find out more about The Orlando Law Group visit www.theorlandolawgroup.com.

About The Orlando Title Group:

The Orlando Title Group, LLC was founded by Attorney’s Jennifer Englert and Kimberly Hosley Agee in 2016. Its mission is to help clients determine the validity of a property’s title and to ensure the transfer of a clean and marketable title. Their goal is to make the home buying/selling experience a smooth process for their clients.

About The Orlando Law Group:
The Orlando Law Group (OLG) was founded by Attorney Jennifer Englert in 2009. Its diverse team of attorneys have a wide breadth of experience which allows them to protect their client’s rights through the evolution of their business, as well as personally while they progress through all stages of life. Over the years, they have created a stellar reputation in the community as professional legal experts who believe foremost that planning ahead is the best option for their clients, as their aim is to minimize the number of potential disputes and costs of litigation. The Orlando Law Group is more then a legal team, they’re your life-long partner who will work with you to build a relationship while creating solutions that work.