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Let us help you with all your business documents! But that is not everything you will need for employees. What about an employee handbook? It is looked at as if it was a guide, but when an employee signs it, he or she is signing a contract, they will abide by what is outlined in that employee handbook.

Many companies have non-compete contracts that are very often challenged in courts. You can have a non-disclosure contract to ensure your business is protected from employees sharing trade secrets.

If you hire contracted labor, it is vitally important there is a contract for them. The federal government and the IRS look at the designations of your staff to ensure the rules of contracted labor are being followed.

Of course, when it comes time to end an employee’s service at your business, you will need to have a separation agreement, particularly if there is any type of package provided.

Real Estate

Much like buying a home, real estate is governed by contracts. It could be at the start, when you sign or offer a letter of intent, and continue all through the process, often including financing terms, default terms and much more.

Are you considering hiring a contractor to build a new headquarters? It is critical you have The Orlando Law Group involved to review all the terms and conditions presented by your contractor, your architect, your engineers and more. Construction projects often end up in court because those projects are complicated and expensive. You will want to be prepared.

Real estate and construction law is a primary focus of The Orlando Law Group. Do not sign any real estate or construction contract without an attorney review. 

Ownership Contracts

One of the key issues we see with new businesses that are formed with partners is the lack of a true partnership agreement. After all, many times a new business is simply formed by friends or family members who could not imagine separating in the future, much less separating with animosity.

That is why you want an attorney at The Orlando Law Group to develop or at least review all ownership contracts, including partnership agreements, sale agreements, stock sale agreements and more. They need to clearly define what happens if one of the partners wants to leave the partnership.

Maybe it is a succession contract, transferring ownership to an adult child. Or it is just a financing agreement in exchange for equity. In every case, you will need an attorney to write and/or review any contract dealing with how your company operates.

There are contracts for just about anything you could think of. But that is The Orlando Law Group’s job – to think of all the areas your business needs to protect itself. Reach out to us today to ensure your business is protected as much as possible.

Your Questions About Starting a Business

Aren’t most of the business contract standard and easy-to-download ones that protect my business?

If every business were the same, this would be possible. But your business is different than the business next door and different from the competitor down the street. The Orlando Law Group looks at what makes your business different and provides advice specific to your business.

I hate those liability agreements. Are they really necessary?

While attorneys will try to show they are irrelevant in a court case, they show the customer understood there are inherent risks that require such a contract. If you are in a business where there is a possibility of serious harm without negligence, they are required and you want to make sure they are strong.

I really trust the person I am working with. I do not think I need a contract.

The Orlando Law Group works in family law where people give their trust to an individual, only to be betrayed. That can happen in business and, while trust is critical in any relationship, it is important to still have terms and conditions written out if that trust is ever broken.

Is there a standard package of contracts for business? 

Every business is different and each business should look at having custom contracts specifically for that unique business. 

What can I do if a contract is broken?

Our attorneys are ready to review the terms of the contract and determine if there is any possible relief for you. 

I am closing my business and breaking the least on my restaurant. Can the landlord go after me personally?

This is one of those cases where hopefully The Orlando Law Group worked with you to set up your company to protect your personal assets. If not, we can review your case to determine the best route to take. 

I wrote the terms of our agreement on a napkin. That is not a legal document, right? 

Yes, it does not matter the type of paper it is written on. If there are terms with your agreement, it can be used as a contract.

A customer says we are in breach of our contract, but we know we are not. What should be our first step?

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