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Marsha Summersill

Marsha Summersill

Attorney & GAL

Areas of Practice:

About Marsha:

Focusing on the client’s needs and the children’s well-being.

In any divorce, paternity, or custody case, Marsha is steadfast in protecting her client’s interests while still helping put the children and their needs at the forefront. She understands that divorce is often a terribly stressful time for adults and children alike. Throughout the entire legal process, Marsha is tireless and dedicated in both protecting her clients’ interests as well as guiding clients to make the best possible decisions for the family as a whole. Marsha’s professionalism, experience, and compassion are crucial components which make her such an effective and trusted advocate.

As a divorce lawyer and custody lawyer in Altamonte Springs, Florida, near Orlando, Maitland, and Winter Park, Marsha Summersill has proven experience in the courtroom and at the settlement table. Marsha has been involved with high conflict cases and has been very successful in advocating for her clients. Marsha’s highly specialized and unique background in child protection combined with her litigation experience are powerful tools in effectively advocating for her clients.

Q&A with Marsha Summersill

Q. When going through a divorce, what would you say is the top concern for your clients?

A. It is equally money and kids. If they have minor children that usually would be the big topic of how they are going to work that out. The finances are comingled with the responsibility of the kids, so they come together in certain aspects.

Q. What are some factors that could prohibit me from retaining rights to my children after the divorce?

A. You always have rights to your children. The only agency outside of you signing over your rights is the Department of Children and Families. In the state of Florida, our public policy is both parents have equal rights to enjoy raising their kids. The judge has about 25 factors that they can consider. They do not have to consider all of them, but it is important to understand that those factors are common sense stuff. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Q. I started a business while we were married, and it became successful. Is my spouse entitled to any of that business?

A. Probably. There are so many factors that we must consider, but the reality is that spouse is going to get something. I had a case where this person worked and worked and grew their business to a highly successful endeavor. The offset of that is really determining what is the marital portion of the business. That is where the fighting can start. The definition of what is marital and what is non-marital, what’s personal goodwill and what’s enterprise goodwill can really determine the outcome.

Q. What are some determining factors when it comes to who will pay child support – and what does that support entail?

A. That is written in the law. It is how much money your gross income is, accounting for all your deductions, taxes and insurance, mandatory pension, and unions. You do get those credits and deductions. It is important to clarify that you do not get credits and deductions to account for your spending habits. The way time-sharing factors in is that it cost money to take care of kids.

Areas of Experience:

  • Family Law
  • Certified Mediator
  • Guardian Ad Litem

Bar Admission(s):

  • State of Florida

Court Admissions:

  • Florida Bar


  • FAMU College of Law, 2011
  • Rollins College, 1998

Professional Memberships & Activities:

  • The Florida Bar, Member
  • Certified Legal Intern through the Florida Supreme Court
  • Certified Florida Supreme Court
  • County Mediator
  • Circuit Mediator
  • Family Mediator

Related Professional Experience:

  • Completed GAL training through Speaking for Kids, Inc. Family Law Guardian Ad Litem 2-Day Training
  • American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Certified Forensic Interviewer
  • Received the Outstanding Achievement Award from Child Welfare Legal Services currently referred to as Child Legal Services for well written petitions, judicial status reports and pre-dispositional summaries for dependency cases.
  • Department of Children and Families – Child Protection Team, Team Coordinator
  • Children’s Legal Services – Senior Attorney