The Orlando Law Group

Practice Areas

The Orlando Law Group is a trusted source for legal expertise in a wide variety of practice areas. Learn more about our specialized attorneys and how we can help you resolve legal issues and achieve your goals.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding that is designed to alleviate overwhelming debt owed by either an individual or a business. The purpose of the bankruptcy option is to provide relief to debtors who could never realistically pay off their debts.

Business Law

Our business lawyers in Orlando will work with you to provide pragmatic legal solutions that will help you launch, grow, and maintain a successful business. We work with any businesses ranging from promising startups to large-scale corporations.

Elder Law

The field of Elder Law encompasses issues that this community may expect to face as they age such as applying for and receiving Social Security, Medicaid, or Veterans Administration benefits, physical abuse/financial exploitation by family members or others, initiating or challenging a guardianship action for a loved one, planning for a special needs adult child, or caring for an incapacitated spouse.

Family Law

Our family lawyers in Orlando specialize in divorce, paternity, modification, and adoption cases. Rest assured that we will handle your case with professionalism and responsiveness.


The purpose of a guardianship is to remove legal rights from the incapacitated person and delegate them to the guardian. If someone you know is no longer capable of making informed financial and/or personal care decisions, a consultation should be scheduled to discuss whether guardianship is the best option.

HOA & COA Representation

Every Homeowner’s Association is different but they all need to assure the timely, uniform, and consistent enforcement of association policies.  We will deliver personal attention and legal services tailored to the individual needs of your Association.

Immigration Law

Our lawyers actively advise and assist clients in all aspects of immigration law, including work-related visas, permanent residency, and naturalization. We know that immigration law is complex and understandably confusing. That is why we spend time with our clients to go over the details of their situation so they are informed about the process, and to ensure our client’s documents are prepared with due diligence.


Our attorneys have extensive experience in a wide range of civil litigation, including actions involving personal injury, insurance, professional liability, real estate, construction, and more.

Misdemeanor Criminal & Criminal Traffic

A criminal felony is a crime that issues more serious than a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor criminal offense is a crime in which the maximum punishment is up to one year in jail. Certain traffic offenses, when committed, are considered to be misdemeanor offenses.

Personal Injury Law

If you have suffered harm from an accident, our personal injury lawyers in Orlando are the ones to call. We can handle a wide variety of claims including auto accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, fraud claims, and more.

Real Estate Law

Whether you are a large developer or a first-time homebuyer, you need a trusted real estate lawyer in Orlando. We will handle the drafting and review of commercial leases, defense, and prosecution of contracts.

Social Security Disability

The attorneys at The Orlando Law Group understand the importance of being awarded your Social Security Disability benefits and how denials can negatively impact the individual applicant and the entire family. The majority of initial applications for Social Security disability are denied; however, an initial denial does not necessarily mean that the applicant is not entitled to benefits.

Probate Law

The Orlando Law Group works with families, both local and around the country, filing the original Will and death certificate with the court, preparing and filing a petition to open an estate, either formal administration or summary, having a personal representative appointed, gathering assets, satisfying creditors, and ultimately guiding distributions from the estate.

Special Needs & Education

Our attorneys help parents understand their legal rights and options in special education. We coach and represent parents in obtaining appropriate special education services and programs for their children. The Orlando Law Group also helps parents and their children with the transition into adulthood.

IEPs and School Law

Getting nowhere with your child’s school when you need help with your child? The Orlando Law Group is here to help you and your family find the assistance you need.

Our firm is one of the few law firms working with parents and guardians in finding solutions for children who need extra help. Whether it is as simple as an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or specific instructions for Exceptional Student Education (ESE), our firm has helped thousands of children in their own unique situations.

Trusts, Wills & Estate Planning

We will help you create a will, living trust, or power of attorney and learn how to avoid probate estate tax or be an executor. Our attorneys take Estate Planning very seriously because it is your and your loved ones legacy that is at stake.

Veteran Law

Milestone Inspection Representation

As the State of Florida looks to inspect all older multi-story residential buildings over the next year, it’s important you understand your options as a resident or the management association.

Construction Defects

When you purchase a home, you trust that everything in the home or building is up to code and built to last. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many times, errors and defects in construction can crop up years after the property has sold and can cause immense strife and stress for the owner.

Employment Discrimination & Harassment

It is unfortunate, but workplaces do not have to operate to a certain standard, and if no one holds them accountable, problems can persist. If you feel like you have been discriminated against or harassed, reach out to us immediately so we can fight on your behalf. Many times, it is the beginning of enacting real change for that specific work environment.

Property Damage

It is possible for an insurance company to put into their policy sly, ambiguous language that can defend their company against valid claims. You must have an experienced legal professional that understands how to talk and negotiate with these companies. Not doing so could cost you valuable time, energy, and money.

Wage & Hour

We care deeply about this issue, as many really do struggle to make ends meet, and they not only deserve their pay, but they also need it to take care of their family. When a company works hard to make sure that you do not get your fair share of money owed, a lawyer is key to helping them understand this is serious.

Professional Malpractice

When an incompetent, negligent, or wrongful act causes harm or injury to someone, an attorney must step in and work with the party harmed to set things right. There are a multitude of situations and circumstances where Professional Malpractice can occur. There’s medical malpractice, therapist malpractice, attorney malpractice, engineering malpractice, and architect malpractice. Truly, where there is a licensed professional, there exists the possibility of professional malpractice.