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Jarrod Etheridge

Jarrod Etheridge


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About Jarrod:

Jarrod Etheridge was born and raised in Orlando. He graduated the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a certificate in Victim Advocacy. In 2018, he graduated from Barry University’s School of Law.

Jarrod has been a part of The Orlando Law Group team since 2016, where he began as a paralegal and has gained experience in every aspect of the law firm. He also volunteers in his community with the Avalon Park Kiwanis Club.

Jarrod is located in the Waterford Lakes Office, and will be handling real estate and title insurance matters.

Real Estate Q&A with Jarrod

Jarrod, tell us a little bit about yourself – where are you from, where did you go to school, when did you graduate law school, etc.? What drew you to law in the first place and made you want to become a lawyer?

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. I attended University High School, then the University of Central Florida, and then I graduated from Barry Law School here in Orlando. I went to college under the belief that I would work in Federal Law Enforcement. While in college I took various courses related to law and found out that I like arguing and interpreting the law more than I would like enforcing the law.

Going off that, why did you become interested in real estate law specifically?

When I first started with The Orlando Law Group, PL I was given the opportunity to work on various types of law and I was able to get a feel for what I liked and did not like. Real Estate law can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes and I genuinely enjoy working through the intricate scenarios that exist on some properties.

Why is it important for someone dealing with a real estate issue to hire an attorney instead of trying to do things on their own?

While it is not required in many aspects of Florida Real Estate to hire an attorney, it is often beneficial. If you do not routinely work in this field, there are various pitfalls that you can find yourself in that you may have otherwise been able to avoid. I spend a large amount of time every week reviewing commercial and residential leases, contracts, closing documents, etc., so I may be able to spot something in the documents that do not benefit you, that you otherwise may not have noticed, and we can work to remove them before you find yourself trapped in a lease or contract that does not say what you want it to.

What is your role in the attorney-client relationship?

An attorney’s role is to guide and advise their client on how to proceed in a situation the client finds themselves in. In real estate, as in other types of law, this can be very broad. My role could be reviewing a contract or lease, evicting a tenant or defending an eviction for the tenant, quieting title to real property, correcting issues in the chain of title, overcoming obstacles preventing a client from closing on their sale or purchase, creating easements, and sometimes simply helping a client understand where they stand based on a particular set of facts.

What types of real estate matters do you specifically handle?

Drafting and reviewing contracts and leases, evictions, partitions, quiet title, escrow disputes, closings, drafting easements, reviewing closing documents, and many things in between that do not fit into a particular category. I routinely consult with investors about structuring purchases or sales to fit the profit model they are looking for, or whether they should enter into a contract on a particular property.

Areas of Experience:

  • Real Estate
  • Title Insurance

Bar Admission(s):

Florida Bar 2018

Court Admissions:


  • University of Central Florida, 2014
  • Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law: Barry University, 2018

Professional Memberships & Activities:

  • Avalon Park Kiwanis Club, 2016

Related Professional Experience:

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker