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Anyone who lives in Florida knows the devastation left in the wake of a hurricane. These disasters bring intense wind, heavy rains, and storm surges that do not discriminate in the damage they cause. Many homes and businesses are severely damaged or destroyed by hurricanes, and property owners are left to pick up the pieces.

We also know that even a minimal tropical storm can cause damage, bringing flooding rains to low lying areas. And it only takes one weak tree to fall into a home to cause significant damage.

The Orlando Law Group is proud to help clients affected by hurricanes and tropical storms stand up for their rights to insurance companies. To discuss how a hurricane damage lawyer in Orlando can help, please contact our office directly today.

Be prepared for a hurricane or tropical storm

There are steps you can take to ensure you are ready to file a claim after the hurricane or tropical storm affects your property.

First, understand your insurance and make sure you are covered for any incident that might happen. Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause property damage in a wide variety of ways, and you don’t want to find out you were underinsured after the damage occurs.

When the storm is forecast to hit your area, make sure to clear all debris that might cause property damage and take video or pictures of your property to show damage was not caused by your negligence. You can also use photos or video to show what the property looked like before the damage occurred.

Remember, even if a hurricane or tropical storm is forecast to go miles away from your property, there can still be damage hundreds of miles away from the storm center – and may happen days after the storm passes.

Insurance Claims after a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

Depending on the strength of the storm, hurricanes and tropical storms will cause damage throughout the affected areas. As if dealing with extensive damage is not enough, different types of damage will require different types of insurance claims.

You might have to file separate claims for each of the following:

  • Wind and water (from above) damage
  • Flooding from rising waters
  • Damage to your motor vehicles
  • Damage to a commercial property
  • Damage to vacation rentals
  • Business or income interruption
  • Damage to boats

Your insurance company will be trying to limit your payouts as much as possible, resulting in a highly frustrating situation – after the trauma of the hurricane itself. One of the most used trick is to say the damage caused by the storm was not covered by your policy.

You need legal representation that will help seek the maximum benefits you need for hurricane damage in a timely manner.

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The Orlando Law Group represents clients throughout Orange County , Seminole County and Osceola County, Florida, following storms and disasters. If you need help with a property insurance claim, you should not hesitate to discuss your situation with an Orlando hurricane damage attorney. Call 407-512-4394 or contact us online to consult with an Orlando hurricane damage attorney for free today.

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