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Jeffrey W. Smith – Attorney

Jeffrey W. Smith

Jeffrey W. Smith


Areas of Practice:

  • Veteran Law
  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • General Civil/Business Litigation
  • Social Security Disability

About Jeffrey:

Jeffrey W. Smith’s life is a tale of two careers. The first chapter saw him serve our country as a machine gunner with the United States Marine Corps, then return and begin a civilian career as a facility / services technician with AT&T.  The second chapter saw him not only earn his bachelor of science degree, but also his juris doctor, enabling him to leave AT&T for a career in law.

Which is where Jeffrey Smith’s story sits right now.

Today, Smith is an attorney with The Orlando Law Group — a position he has held since April 2015. He handles all aspects of divorce that include dissolution of marriage, modification, child support enforcement and establishment, paternity, visitation issues, as well as pre and post nuptial agreements. He also practices in simple estate planning document preparation, Social Security disability, foreclosure defense, civil litigation, homeowners association and member representation, adoption, debt collection defense, and contract disputes.

Smith began practicing family law in 2014, following his graduation from Barry University’s School of Law.  Shortly thereafter, he left AT&T and joined The Orlando Law Group. Prior to Barry, he graduated summa cum laude from the University of Central Florida, with a degree in technical education and industry training.

As a member of the Marine Corps, Smith was a team leader in charge of a machine-gun team in Operation Desert Storm. He then served during Operation Restore Hope in Somalia.

Q&A with Jeffrey Smith

Q: What drew you to the law in the first place and made you want to become a lawyer? Why did you become interested in family law specifically?

A: My experiences in my two prior divorces. Lovely ladies they were, and nonetheless my wonderful experience with them spawned my interest in the law. My experience in my two prior divorces led me to become interested in family law, and family law is an area in high demand in the legal field.

Q: What is your role in the attorney-client relationship?

A: To advise the client on the strengths and weaknesses of their claims/defenses and make recommendations on moving the case forward to resolution, be it settlement or trial. An attorney is the client’s advocate in the legal system.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

A: The challenge. As I am soon to be 51 years old, my body is no longer as physically competitive as it once was, (although I can still manhandle my brother who is 46). So now, I compete mostly using my intellect.

Q: Why is it important for someone wanting to get a divorce or modification to hire an attorney instead of trying to do things on their own?

A: Because humans are emotionally driven creatures. Emotion has a negative impact on logic and impairs rational thought. Additionally, the legal system is rather complicated, albeit a person has a right to represent themselves, having the ability to do some act does not mean it is a good idea to do so. It is important for people to understand, identify and acknowledge the limitations of their abilities. The legal system is not the place for that type of experimentation by a layperson.

Q: What is a common misconception people have about family law in general?

A: That what they are experiencing is unprecedented and their case is the worst case ever in the history of divorces. Clients are often surprised by the amount of time a contested divorce takes to complete as well as the cost of that divorce. But what very few realize is the client holds 50% of the key to resolving the case in an efficient and timely manner.

Q: What advice would you give to someone seeking to hire a family law attorney? What factors should someone consider before hiring an attorney? What questions might a client want to ask a potential attorney outside of solely questions relating to their specific issue?

A: First, check the Florida Bar website to see if that particular attorney has any disciplinary action against them and to be sure they are an actual Florida Bar licensed attorney. As for questions to the attorney….How long have you been practicing and how many trials have you had?

Bar Admission(s):

  • The State of Florida, 2013
  • Federal: Middle and Southern Districts of Florida


Professional Memberships & Activities:

  • Florida Bar
  • Orange County Bar Association
  • Family Law Section of Florida Bar
  • UCF Alumni

Pro Bono Activities

  • Volunteer Attorney with ABA VCAN Program – American Bar Association Veterans’ Claims Assistance Network
  • UCF Legal Studies Program – Mock Interviews and Judge Trial Competition
  • Barry University, Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law – Judge Oral Arguments for 1L Appellate Brief Project