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No-Fault Coverage

Personal Injury Protection, which is sometimes also known as personal insurance protection or PIP for short is an extension of car insurance. This extension typically covers medical expenses and, in some circumstances, can cover lost wages. PIP is unique in that its coverage is not dependent on who is at fault when an accident occurs, because of this, personal injury protection is also called “no-fault” coverage.

Insurance is one of the few products that you purchase without having seen the product first. You contact an agent and purchase automobile insurance that you believe will cover your property damage and physical injuries in the result of a car accident. Sometime after your purchase, you are provided with an insurance policy, amendments, and endorsements – a lengthy series of documents setting forth in complicated terms what the policy does and does not cover. Your personal injury protection coverage will be outlined in your insurance policy.

How PIP Works

Simply put, PIP insurance is designed to nullify the concept of fault or blame when a car accident occurs. The policy covers the needs of the covered driver. The rates an individual pays for personal injury protection often are dependent on how often and how badly that person uses PIP. This differs from fault-based insurance which examines how often the covered individual is, or is not, at fault for an accident.

Personal Injury Protection is required by law in at least 13 states, including Florida. When not required, other states make PIP available but optional as part of an individuals insurance policy.

When Personal Injury Protection Benefits Fall Short

Typically, it is not until after an accident occurs and an insurance carrier refuses to pay the medical bills submitted, does one find out exactly what and who the insurance policy covers. At The Orlando Law Group, our experienced attorneys successfully litigate cases against your insurance carrier where the personal injury protection (also known as “PIP”) benefits, additional PIP benefits, and medical payment (“MedPay” or “Med Pay”) benefits are not paid at all, or are paid in a reduced amount, leaving you with the bill.

Attorneys Who Help with Personal Injury Protection

The attorneys at The Orlando Law Group handle Personal Injury Protection, additional PIP and MedPay claims for both individuals as well as medical providers.

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