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Almost everyone loves going on vacation, exploring far-away lands with family and friends. Sometimes your dream vacation can turn into your worst nightmare when you are injured on the plane, train or cruise ship for something that was not your fault and was preventable.

While traveling by airplane or train or taking a cruise is relatively safe, there are still risks of accidents and injuries that not only disrupt your vacation but possibly your life for months or years after you get back to shore.

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to an airline, cruise line or train system accident, you should speak with an accident lawyer in Orlando immediately. The Orlando Law Group represents clients throughout Central Florida, and we can evaluate your legal options after your injuries and losses.

Types of Travel-related Accidents and Injuries

While large crashes with multiple casualties make the news most often, accidents at sea, while flying or taking the train can be serious and you can suffer unnecessary harm due to the negligence of the cruise line, the airline or the train system.

The following are only some of the many ways people suffer injuries while traveling:

  • Falls when embarking or debarking
  • Assaults due to negligent security
  • Food poisoning
  • Lack of proper warning of foreseeable turbulence or rough waters
  • Loose equipment striking a person
  • Not getting the medical attention during an emergency
  • Crashes

In addition, on airplanes, you can be injured in these ways and more.

  • Luggage falling from the overhead compartment
  • Rough landings

And on a cruise ship, you can be injured by

  • Falls down the stairs
  • Elevator accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Falling overboard

Do not believe the companies when they avoid blame

Many times, the companies who own the transportation system will claim you waived all liability when you purchased your ticket. Too often, people believe this to be true and do not act. That is why they try this tactic so often.

You need the right attorney standing up for your right to compensation for your injuries and losses, one who can navigate through an extremely complicated and time-consuming case. The attorneys at The Orlando Law Group are the right attorneys for this type of case.

Learn how a Cruise and Airline Injury Lawyer in Orlando can assist you

If you suffer injuries on a plane, train or cruise ship, or you lost a loved one in an aviation accident, you need the right legal help as soon as possible.

After an injury, you should consult with The Orlando Law Group right away. Call (407) 512-4394 or contact us online to learn how our Orlando cruise and airline injury lawyer can help.

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