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If you are in business, it is only a matter of time before you will have the threat of litigation come your way. Just about anyone can sue a business for just about anything. As such, you need a team of attorneys who fully understand business.

We understand that businesses rarely have deep pockets. Most businesses are operating on a thin profit margin and, sometimes, litigation could be the end of their business. Having been in business for over a decade ourselves, we understand fully what it takes to defend your endeavors and protect your company.

Of course, this involves strategies to avoid litigation in the first place, but once it cannot be avoided, our business litigation attorneys in Orlando FL will go to battle for you. Call (407) 512-4394 to schedule your consultation today.

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Business litigation cases we handle in Orlando

Nearly all business issues can give rise to a potential lawsuit. Our Orlando business litigation attorneys have the skills, resources, and knowledge to represent you against various types of legal claims, including the following.

Breach of contract

Business contracts are legally binding documents that contain the terms and conditions of the agreement. If either party fails to adhere to these terms, it could be considered a breach of contract, and the other party may have the right to sue for damages.

Breach of fiduciary duty

In certain professional relationships, one party is expected to act in the best interests of another. This is known as a fiduciary duty, and if this duty is breached, the other party may have grounds to file a lawsuit.

Construction litigation

Disputes often arise between contractors, subcontractors, architects, and other parties in construction projects. Construction disputes may involve breaches of contracts, faulty materials or construction standards, payment issues, and more.

Employer/employee disputes

Employment-related disputes could include wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, unpaid wages, and other violations of labor law or employment contracts.

Fraud and deceptive practices

When businesses commit fraud or engage in deceptive or unfair practices, the affected party may be entitled to financial compensation. This could involve misrepresentations, false advertising, and other unethical business practices.

Intellectual property litigation

Businesses rely on copyrights, trademarks, and patents to protect their innovative ideas and products. If another party uses or exploits these intellectual properties without permission, they may be liable for damages.

Investment and securities fraud

Investment professionals, such as stockbrokers, have a duty to act in their client’s best interests. If they act negligently or fraudulently, it could constitute a form of securities fraud, which may entitle the investor to compensation.

Professional malpractice

Lawyers, accountants, physicians, and other professionals are held to a certain standard of care. Any negligence or wrongdoing on their part may be considered a form of professional malpractice, and the affected party may have legal recourse.

Product liability and regulatory compliance

Businesses that produce products must ensure their items are safe for their intended use and compliant with all applicable regulations. If a product is defective and injures a consumer, the business could be held liable for damages. Likewise, if a business fails to comply with certain regulations, it may be subject to fines or penalties.

Real estate litigation

Real estate disputes involve disagreements between business owners, developers, lenders, landlords, tenants, and homeowners. Common types of real estate litigation claims include boundary disputes, lease violations, and breaches of sales agreements.

Shareholder and partnership disputes

Shareholder and partnership disputes arise between owners of a business. These disputes could involve disagreements over how to manage the business, mismanagement of funds, and misuse of corporate assets.

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Tortious interference

Tortious interference claims involve a situation where one party intentionally interferes with another party’s business or contractual relationships. This could include efforts to sabotage a business or steal customers away from a competitor.

Trust and estate litigation

Disputes arise in trust and estate matters when beneficiaries, trustees, or executors disagree over the terms of a trust or will. These disputes may involve allegations of fraud, mishandling of funds, or improper administration.

Unfair competition

Unfair competition claims involve allegations of unethical or illegal business practices aimed at gaining a competitive advantage. These could include false advertising, trade secret theft, or other forms of market manipulation.

Business litigation vs. commercial litigation

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between business litigation and commercial litigation. Business litigation involves disputes over the general operation of a business, while commercial litigation often deals with transactional and contractual issues between parties.

For example, a business litigation case could involve a wrongful termination lawsuit or a dispute between shareholders. On the other hand, commercial litigation may involve breach of contract disputes or tortious interference claims. Our business litigation attorneys in Orlando are experienced in both types of litigation, and they can provide the legal counsel you need to protect your business.

Why choose The Orlando Law Group

When an issue arises, it is best to give us a call and book a consultation just to gain a legal perspective on the matter. You may be surprised by what we find, as our Orlando business lawyers are thorough, dynamic, and creative. They are not your average lawyer because when every case is unique, you must be extraordinarily adaptable.

Your business is one of the most important things in your life because it takes care of so much and it takes so much time and effort to build. It deserves to be protected, and that is exactly what you get when partnering with our firm.

Our Orlando business litigation attorneys are ready to help

At The Orlando Law Group, we strive to protect our client’s rights and interests with trusted legal counsel and aggressive representation. Our goal in any business dispute is to avoid litigation by helping parties resolve their differences through negotiation or other alternative dispute resolution methods, but we are also prepared to take any matter to court if necessary.

If your case must go to trial, we’ll use strategies such as expert testimony, case law, and persuasive argument to support your position.

Time is of the essence when it comes to any form of litigation, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether you’re considering filing a lawsuit or defending against one, our business litigation lawyers in Orlando are ready to help you with your case.

Frequently asked questions about business litigation

How can I prevent litigation?

Unfortunately, there is no simple step you can take to avoid litigation as you have no control over whether someone files a lawsuit against you. But you can do simple things, like have strong and extensive contracts or employee manuals, to clearly set expectations in the case of possible litigation.

I know I was wrong; can I just settle the lawsuit?

We would not suggest anyone look at complex business issues with such absolutes without a careful examination of the facts and unique circumstances around your case. Settlement is always an option, but it is always best to have an attorney help negotiate a settlement. To be clear, never admit wrongdoing to an opposing party because that can be used against you in Court.

I was just served. What happens now?

As soon as you are served, the clock starts on providing a response to the courts. As such, you need to have an attorney on board to quickly review your options and start work on the next steps.

If I win, the opposing party has to pay my legal bills, right?

Sometimes, but not usually. This is one of those cases that is highly dependent on the issue that is central to possible litigation. It is important to have clauses in your contracts about fees which is some of the work you can do ahead of time to avoid issues.

My client stiffed me for services provided. Should I take the client to court?

There are a lot of factors that can go into making that decision. For instance, do you know why the client did not pay? Do they have the money or are they about to close? How much money do they owe you? Have they filed for bankruptcy protection? All of these are just a few of the factors The Orlando Law Group would look at to determine if litigation is the best way to go.

A former employee accused me of firing him because of his religion. I think he might sue.

If this just happened, there are many steps before a lawsuit is filed, including filing a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, but you will want to prepare and it is helpful for The Orlando Law Group to do a review of the situation with this employee and with all employees.

I feel like I made a mistake investing in a franchise. Will I need to sue to get my money back?

Hopefully, you utilized The Orlando Law Group to review the franchise agreement before you invested in the business. If not, an Orlando business litigation attorney will do that now and see what opportunities there are to end your agreement. We will also review to see if the franchisor did not fulfill its responsibilities. If we think we can sue, we will fight for you or get you to the easiest resolution that costs you the least amount.

My partner decided to leave the business and is asking for a large buy-out. Will we need to go to court to settle this?

Partnership disputes are some of the most difficult and emotional legal issues we are involved in. They are often as difficult as the divorce cases we handle in our family law practice. As such, you will want a law firm that understands what you are going through during this difficult time. The Orlando Law Group has been in your position and understands the emotions involved – and how to treat a partnership breakup with the facts of law.

I told a friend about my business idea and now she’s opening a business using my idea. What are my options?

Trusting a friend is always risky, but it is human nature to do so. It may be difficult to get restitution if a non-disclosure agreement wasn’t signed, but don’t fret. There could be options available to you once we review your case. It is important to protect the ideas that make up your business even before it begins to avoid this scenario.

If you would like to schedule a consultation for business litigation or any business legal issue, please reach out to our office at (407) 512-4394, fill out our online contact form, or save this information in case you ever find yourself or a loved one needing to use it.

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