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What is going to happen to your money and your property when you pass? If you don’t have a will or a trust in place, you may not be happy with the answer. If you don’t set up a will, you will have far less control over what happens with your belongings than you realize.

Just because you might write down what you want to do with your collection of comics or the money you have in your accounts doesn’t mean that’s what’s actually going to happen with it. If you don’t have a binding will or trust that takes care of those things, the courts will be the ones who decide.

Since you likely want to be the one who determines where your belongings go and who cares for your children in the event of your death, you will want to put together an estate plan with the help of an attorney specializing in estate planning in St. Cloud.

Ways the Attorneys for Estate Planning in St. Cloud Can Help

If you have children and their other parent or guardian passes away, what happens to them? Who is going to be their guardian? If you have an idea in mind of who you want to care for your children and you don’t have it in an estate plan, there is no guarantee your wishes will be followed.

What about all of the belongings you have that you want to give to your children and grandchildren. If you specifically want certain assets to go to people in your family or circle of friends or a charity, you are going to want to have a will that specifies this in writing.

At What Age Should You Start Thinking About Estate Planning?

There isn’t a specific age at which you should start considering estate planning. To be honest, it’s never too early to start getting your affairs and assets in order if you pass away. Of course, no one likes to think about their demise, so they tend to put these things off. The earlier you get a plan in place the better.

Your Evolving Estate Plan

What you want out of an estate plan right now might change in 10 years or 10 days for that matter. This means that no estate plan is written in stone, and it shouldn’t be. You might need to make some changes and updates to your plan for one reason or another.

What happens if you get divorced or if you have children? Well, your needs are going to change, and that means that your estate plan should change, too. Getting your estate in order is not necessarily a “one and done” affair. Sometimes, it requires that changes are made.

Keep in mind that when you experience life changes like those mentioned, you will want to change the estate plan sooner rather than later. You don’t want to put it off.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Help for Estate Planning in St. Cloud?

Who should help you to set up your estate plan? You want to make sure you are working with professionals who know and understand the ins and outs of estate planning.

After all, every estate is different. You need someone who can help look at your specific circumstances and determine what will work out best for you. In addition to putting together a will, for example, should you also consider a living trust? What about caring for your medical needs and requests when you are incapable of making decisions for yourself. Who should have power of attorney?

Why You Don’t Want to DIY Your Estate Plan

While there might be some temptation to try to put together an estate plan on your own through online DIY services, you need to be very careful. There are so many variables you have to consider and so many areas of the law that can be confusing. With DIY options, there is a good chance you could overlook something or make a huge mistake. The plan you come up with might not even be viable or legal.

Don’t make the mistake of DIY for your estate plan. Instead, make sure that you get the help you need from the professionals.  If you need a fantastic attorney to help with all of your estate planning needs, it is time to get in touch with The Orlando Group. Get in touch by setting up a consultation online with an expert in estate planning in St. Cloud.

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