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Bankruptcy Law

The Orlando Law Group (OLG) lawyers serve as bankruptcy counsel in consumer bankruptcy cases. Our lawyers meet directly with clients to explain the bankruptcy process and determine what bankruptcy chapter is appropriate. Our lawyers prepare bankruptcy petitions and schedules and attend the 341 meeting with the client. OLG also represents mortgage holders in commercial and personal mortgage foreclosures, modifications, workouts and receiverships.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
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Types of Bankruptcy:

An individual who is in debt can file for bankruptcy either under Chapter 7 (liquidation)

  • Chapter 13 (reorganization)
  • Chapter 12 (family farmer reorganization)
  • Chapter 11 (corporate financial reorganization)

The vast majority of consumers file either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition.  Debtors may also be forced into bankruptcy by creditors in the case of an involuntary bankruptcy, but only under Chapters 7 or 11.