If you suddenly passed away, would your family be able to financially survive?

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Not many people enjoy talking about death. This is especially true when speaking of your own death. But there are times when it is important to have the discussion.

It is essential to realize that a poorly structured estate plan has the potential to leave your assets, your loved ones, and your dependents caught up in legal turmoil in the event of your death.

You might not be ready to talk about your death, but it is something that should be done to protect those you love and preserve your legacy.

Estate Planning Details


Nearly everyone has an estate. It’s that simple. If you own things, like a car, a home, real estate, and furniture, you have an estate. If you have investments, life insurance, bank accounts, and other financial entities, you have an estate. It doesn’t matter how large or small you have an estate, and when you pass away, it needs to be handled.

As a responsible person, you need to plan what happens to your estate after you die. You need to ensure that your plans get carried out the way you want. Your estate plan provides instructions on who should receive which parts of your estate. Clearly, you wish this to take place with the least amount paid in legal fees, taxes, and other costs.

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An properly created, and legal estate plan is complex and highly detailed. Some of the common aspects of an estate plan include:

  • Provides instructions on how you should be cared for in the event you become disabled before you die.
  • Names the person who manages your inheritance for children who are considered minors
  • Makes considerations for members of your family with special needs without affecting government benefits
  • Includes a level of protection for beneficiaries who might be irresponsible with money or could be faced with a situation that jeopardizes their inheritance, like divorce
  • Includes a life insurance policy to provide for your family after you die
  • Includes a business succession plan 
  • Minimizes your and your loved ones’ tax liability, legal fees, and costs associated with the courts.
  • Has a provision for keeping your estate plan current, especially when there are family changes

And this is just the beginning. It is critical to leverage the expertise of an Estate Planning lawyer to make sure everything is legally done in accordance with your wishes.


Every person’s estate is unique and consequently everyone’s estate plan is different.

While there are many similarities from estate plan to estate plan, there is also required customization.

Whether your estate plan is simple or sophisticated, our Estate Planning attorneys can quickly give you an estimate for the cost of estate planning.

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Call us right now at (407) 512-4394 and ask to speak to an Estate Planning Lawyer.

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