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Meet The OLG Staff

Bernadette Cipriani-Major, BBA,CMA
Office Manager at The Orlando Law Group

Having spent over 25 years in healthcare, management, higher education, development and training gives Bernadette the ability to understand the work force and all operation sequencing. Observing and analyzing operations, enables her to enhance productivity, increase revenues and audit receivables. By developing best practices it can reduce a stressful work environment which reduces employee turnover while increasing profits. She has worked with and for some amazing CEO’s and has made a difference in their companies. Developing people does build better business.

Hallah Noble
Marketing Director

Hallah Noble received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Temple University after studying marketing. Hallah has previously worked at the Cherry Hill Public Library doing their marketing, along with being an active member in the American Marketing Association. She is responsible for The Orlando Law Groups social media, networking, and all things marketing related.

Laurette Schroeck
Legal Assistant

Laurette provides the Family Law attorneys in our group with stable and reliable assistance and serves as a listening ear to our clients. Her responsibilities include scheduling, drafting pleadings, preparing correspondence, mediation preparation, and review of discovery. Her compassion for families going through some of their most difficult times shines bright when communicating with our clients and keeping them up to date on every step of their case.

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