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Looking to launch a business? While it’s the American Dream to become an entrepreneur, getting the foundation of your business right is critical.

That’s where The Orlando Law Group comes in – to help you launch your business successfully and then be your partner to help it grow and succeed, eventually working with you toward your exit.

We’ll listen to your goals and help determine what the best structure for your business should be. We’ll explore the need for trademarks and copyrights on your intellectual property. We’ll develop policies and procedures. We’ll develop standard sales and vendor contracts. Have a partner? We’ll develop the partnership agreement to ensure you are protected if the partnership ends.

And then we’ll help you with whatever comes your way as your business grows, from human resource complaints, internet defamation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, licensing, bad debt and much more.

Our firm is founded with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our attorneys have been involved in the creation and growth of dozens of businesses. You want an attorney who knows what you are experiencing.

You want The Orlando Law Group.

Your Questions About Starting a Business

Why do I need an attorney to start a business?

Starting a business is not as simple as building a website and saying, “come buy from me!” Unfortunately, there are dozens of decisions, forms, and licenses you will need to work through to be able to run a business. For instance, should you organize your business as a Limited Liability Company or as a B-Corp? What you decide will affect your business significantly as you grow.

What’s a Limited Liability Company?

A Limited Liability Company, or LLC, allows the owner of a business significant personal legal protection in case something happens while operating the business. However, company profits are taxed as personal income taxes.

What about a corporation?

A corporation is a business structure where the business is a separate entity than its owners. The corporation makes business decisions, pays its taxes, and distributes profits to shareholders. There are several different types of corporations, all designated by IRS codes.

How about a sole proprietor?

It’s like an LLC, but an LLC can have multiple owners.

What is the best structure for a business to have?

Every circumstance is different and there are pros and cons to every business structure. That’s why it is critical you meet with an attorney and a tax professional to fully determine what works best for your business.

What happens after we determine the structure of my business?

The Orlando Law Group takes the information and files the proper paperwork with all the governmental entities. In Florida, a business must register with the federal government to obtain a business ID number. It then must register with the State of Florida. Finally, the city or county often requires a business license. We take all of that off your plate.

I’m partnering with a friend. Does that complicate starting the business?

Complicated is not the right word, but it does add a layer of protection that needs to be developed before you launch the company. One of the worst things that happen to a business is when a partnership breaks up without any pre-planning. And while you hope the partnership will last forever, it’s essential that you and your partner clearly understand what will happen if it doesn’t.

What do we need from our attorney after launch?

Are you planning to design a new logo? Then we’ll help you get a trademark. Will you use contracted labor or hire employees? We’ll develop contracts for each case. Will you need a standard sales contract? A contract to offer credit to customers? Bylaws and procedures for the operations of the business? The Orlando Law Group helps business owners all the time with these

What happens if something goes wrong?

When an issue arises, you need an attorney to help negotiate or litigate to come to the best solution possible with any issue. The attorneys at The Orlando Law Group will stand by your side fighting for you in cases such as Contractual Disputes, Insurance Disputes, Real Estate and Construction, Licensing, Debt Collection and more.

People are attacking my business online. What can I do to make it stop?

The Orlando Law Group can also help you in a growing area of law, business defamation, which comes into play when a customer or competitor defames you on the internet which is occurring more and more frequently. Often reviews and other posting are done by disgruntled employees or others and need to be dealt with to avoid injury to your business.

How can I protect my brand from being stolen? Through a trademark?

In today’s online world, your brand can be easily reproduced and used by someone else for profit. We can help protect you from that scenario and from other ways people might steal from you. It’s critical for every business to have the right trademark, word mark or copyright to give you the tools you need to stop people from profiting off your hard work.

Don’t I just use a standard contract off the internet?

Your business is unlike any other, so why would you use the same contract as everyone else. Your contracts need to be specifically written for your type of business, your business structure and for specific terms that you want – or are necessary for your niche. Having a set of well-written legal documents is a key to avoiding issues later.

I want to open an office. Can you help with that?

The Orlando Law Group can help you in a number of ways. Our team is filled with experts in commercial real estate law and can work with you if you want to invest in a building for your office or just lease space in an established location. As with any legal document, it’s critical to have us review your sale contract or lease to ensure there aren’t any surprises down the road.

How do I prepare for an exit strategy?

Whether you are looking to sell your business eventually or pass it on to your children or partners, you’ll need an attorney to help plan for what you want to happen. Having a legal document with your wishes and goals ensures your desires are followed.

How can we help you?

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    Erika De Jesus

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    Erika brings a deep understanding and passion for helping individuals actualize their brand in a way that protects them. It is important to understand that, as our world becomes more digitized, your identity involves the content you generate. Your content has to be protected and represented in a holistic way. It is vital that you have someone who can take special care of your brand, your copyright, and your trademark.

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