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If you are looking for an attorney who truly understands business, look no further than The Orlando Law Group. Our firm is led by a serial entrepreneur, Jennifer Englert, who has not only grown the firm from its inception but is also a founder or owner in more than a dozen companies.

That experience is critical in giving you legal advice. The Orlando Law Group is not just looking at the law pertaining to your unique circumstance, but it is also looking at your business and what makes your business special.

We want to be your partner in growing your business, in making it successful, and ensuring its sustainability for generations – or to position it for an acquisition or for an IPO.

The Orlando Law Group is the perfect fit to help your business with the following solutions and more in Orlando, Winter Garden, Altamonte Springs, St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Sanford and throughout Central Florida.

Business formation

We will help you with determining what type of business you should use for tax structure. We will work to create an ownership structure that is fair and understood by all. We will file the necessary paperwork with the IRS, the state of Florida and local agencies. We will set you on the path for success

Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation is any type of dispute or controversy that requires court proceedings to deal with a business issue. Many types of disputes may arise in a business context which we can help you with including but not limited to contract disputes, real estate and construction issues, debt collection, and more. In the event you are sued by a customer or employee we can also assist with the defense of the suit as well as protection of business and personal assets.

Buying or Selling Companies

Buying a business is a great way to start out in business. Selling is also a good way to reward yourself for success. If you are purchasing or selling a business, our attorneys can help you understand your options and help negotiate and document the best terms of your transactions.


Businesses need contracts of all kinds including those with employees, agents, independent contractors, vendors and customers or franchisors. We can draft all of these documents for you or advise you about changes to contracts presented to you to sign.

Trademarks and Copyrights

Most businesses start with a logo and as the business takes off many clients would like to trademark their logos but they do not know where to start. The Orlando Law Group can help you to determine whether to trademark in Florida only or whether further trademarks are needed. Further, clients often have manuals, books or other written works which must be protected. Our attorneys help with that process as well.

Business documents

As you grow in your business, you will need to have a host of business documents to ensure everyone in your business fully understands the procedures you want everyone to follow. This also helps in litigation defense. The Orlando Law Group can help prepare employee manuals, audit safety procedures, prepare accident report procedures and much more.

Business Defamation:

The Orlando Law Group can also help you in a growing area of law, business defamation, which comes into play when a customer or competitor defames you on the internet which is occurring more and more frequently. Often reviews and other posting are done by disgruntled employees or others and need to be dealt with to avoid injury to your business.

Do you need help with a business issue in Orlando, Winter Garden, Altamonte Springs, St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Sanford or throughout Central Florida? We’re here to help you with a full team of attorneys who understand business and have personally owned and operated businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Business Issues

Can I just hire one attorney for my business or do I need specialists?

There are some extremely niche business issues that will require a specialist, but we always recommend working with one attorney you trust. That person will be able to find you any specialists you may need. But, when you work with The Orlando Law Group, our team can represent you in nearly every business issue you might face.

Is it best to hire an attorney on retainer or for issues as they arise?

As you grow, your legal needs will expand. As such, this question is highly dependent on what stage your business is currently operating. If you have employees or contractors, your legal issues will expand. We can work with you in either fashion depending on your unique circumstances.

I want my company to last for my grandchildren. What’s the best way to structure my business?

Succession planning is one of the most difficult aspects facing businesses. It is a top reason why businesses fail once the founder exits. Of course, every family dynamic is different, but we can certainly help guide you and set up the proper legal strategy to give you every opportunity for your grandchildren to run the company.

I want to retire. What’s the best way to sell the company?

There are many ways to sell a company and how that is done often depends on the unique situation of each business. That said, the first thing you will need to do is to have a business appraisal done. We can help with that and help negotiate the sale of your business too.

What is the best way to protect my business?

The number one thing any business should do is document everything from procedures to agreements to potential hazards. A handshake agreement, even between your best friend or your family, is very dangerous. A simple sign can help protect from slip and fall suits. A well-written contract for vendors will avoid any disputes. Of course, The Orlando Law Group can help with all of this.

What can I do to protect my company from other people stealing our ideas?

There are many avenues to protect your business, including copyrights, trademarks, wordmarks, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete clauses and more. For us to properly protect you and your intellectual property, we will need to review your business practices to see where there may be a liability.

What about China? My product was ripped off by a Chinese company after I started online sales.

It is very difficult to protect small businesses from crooked companies and people who simply do not care about the law. We will work to protect you and fight to ensure your trademarks and copyrights are respected through every legal avenue we have available.

It seems most of my business issues are in human resources. Is this something I need a labor attorney to help with?

As with most issues in the law, the circumstances vary significantly from case to case. We can certainly help with most situations, but one thing we emphasize is HR issues will be more protected if you take steps before they become an issue – like allowing The Orlando Law Group help put together an employee manual.

If you would like to schedule a consultation for any business issue, please reach out to our office at 407-512-4394, fill out our online contact form or save this information in case you ever find yourself or a loved one needing to use it.

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